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Product 菜单

  • V-100-27-V60-R2-24T



    Product Name: V-groove milling cutter

    Product size: 80 * 22 * 8.0 * 24t * V60 °

    Material of cutter head: it is made of chunbaosen La Tianshi tungsten steel with a history of 130 years in Europe. It has high hardness, good strength, corrosion resistance, super durability, not easy to rust and other high-quality imported tungsten steel.

    Substrate material: high-quality steel with high wear resistance, high compressive strength, good toughness, good heat treatment stability, good tempering softening resistance and good hardenability.

    Processing materials: mainly used for copper, iron, steel, aluminum, heat-resistant steel, difficult to cut steel, stainless steel, wood, aluminum-plastic plate, composite plate, etc.

    Product application: V-groove chamfer, etc

    Processing industry: widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, aerospace, military industry, advertising light box manufacturing and other industries.

    Product advantages: light cutting speed, sharp edge without burr, smooth cutting surface without knife mark, high wear resistance, long service life, low cost and good quality.

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  • 250-30-16-12T-V90


  • Half R

    Half R

  • Within R-100-25.4-92

    Within R-100-25.4-92

  • CB-MP Universal spli

    CB-MP Universal spli


    The imported ultra-fine grain cemented carbide is used as the tooth tip, which has high impact resistance

    Advanced tooth tip welding technology is adopted to effectively reduce the failure of pulling teeth

    The back material with excellent performance and its separate heat treatment process have high back edge strength and back fatigue life.

    High precision tooth tip grinding technology and tooth splitting technology are adopted

    The optimized tooth profile design and the appropriate shape of sawdust are more conducive to the arrangement and reduction of cutting force;

    It is suitable for sawing application on ordinary band sawing machine.

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  • TCB-MP Universal too

    TCB-MP Universal too

  • AA High quality univ

    AA High quality univ

  • PROCUT-EX Tensile to

    PROCUT-EX Tensile to

Wizzard·Features Features of Wizzard Carbide Rotary File

  • 01 Reliable and stable

    Good product consistency, reliability and stability, good tool precision and high efficiency, among which our patented tooth profile is more than 30% more efficient than ordinary products

  • 02 Premium formula

    Using high-quality formula, metallographic structure uniform and fine carbide material, the product has high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, long life

  • 03 100% silver brazing

    100% silver brazing to ensure welding strength and user safety

  • 04 High performance material

    The handle is made of
    high-performance alloy steel
    with high static strength,
    impact toughness and high
    fatigue strength

  • 05 High finish

    Finely sharpened by
    high-quality diamond
    grinding wheels, the cutting
    edge is sharp and the finish
    is high.

  • 06 Sharp cutting

    Well-designed geometry angle of the blade, sharp and efficient cutting, smooth and smooth

  • 07 Misaligned edge

    The top round head has an advanced zonal dislocation edge type to ensure that each working area of the head can be effectively cut

  • 08 R&D capabilities

    Strong software research and development capabilities, can provide specially designed products according to the special needs of customers, and solve processing problems

Service teamProvide customized services and solutions

  • Custom
  • Sample
  • Concept
  • Collaborative

The advantages of choosing Wizzard To solve worries, choose Wizzard with a knife

Application field


Customization process It can provide development and customization services according to the actual needs of customers

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Dongguan Weize Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in Dongguan City, an important industrial city. The company uses fully CNC automated production equipment and innovative processes to manufacture a full range of carbide rotary files, carbide Band saw blades, edge milling tools, grinding and polishing tools and other products.

The enterprise spirit of "Meticulous Production, Sincere Service" always runs through our business process. We implement strict international standards from raw materials, technological processes, to factory inspection! After years of unremitting efforts, our products have been widely used in industrial manufacturing fields such as aviation, ships, rail transit, automobiles, aluminum alloy processing and molds around the world, providing a complete set of solutions for various metal processing.

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